31st Magic Weekend 2017

Scandic Star Hotel, Lund,6-8 oktober

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Friday Night Show:

The Fat Brothers



The Friday Night Show brings you the world famous group The Fat Brothers. Dani DaOrtiz, Christian Engblom and Miguel Angel Gea are three of the worlds most prominent card and close up magicians. When they come together as The Fat Brothers it is heavy stuff!


Dani DaOrtiz



Christian Engblom



 Miguel Angel Gea



Read more: https://www.youtube.com/user/magospain

..and more: http://www.christianengblom.com

...and more: http://www.miguelangelgea.com


Mind Reading Show:

Jermay SixthSense NoBrand 500


Written & Performed by Luke Jermay.  Directed by Michael Weber.

***** Edinburgh Evening News, **** The Times, **** Remote Goat, **** The Void, **** West End Frame, **** The Gay Times, **** Camden New Journal, ****
The Upcoming, **** AE Reviews, ***** G.C.R, **** Theatre Land Reviews.


Luke Jermay is the most incredible man you’ve probably never heard of.  He can read your mind.  No really; he can read your mind.  He doesn’t use mind games or psychological tricks; he is not a trickster, there are no smoke and mirrors.  He can simply read your mind.  His awe inspiring intuitive abilities have gained him high profile fans such as Derren Brown, Dynamo and Uri Geller who all agree Jermay is astonishing.  ‘Luke Jermay’s - Sixth Sense’ has gained critical acclaim with 5 Star reviews from Edinburgh to London’s West End.  You’ll be amazed at Jermay’s incredible powers; he knows your past, present and future, sometimes better than you do. From your favourite schoolteacher, childhood pet even the colour of your underwear, Jermay impossibly knows all, sees all and tells (almost) all in an expert display of telepathy developed to amazing razor sharp accuracy.


"My jaw dropped repeatedly... Jermay puts us in a state where we can wonder whether life has more possibilities than we thought it did an hour before" - The Times

"Jermay is different...to gain power like his he must be in league with the Devil.  Utterly astonishing in the extreme." - Edinburgh Evening News

"Jermay is mind blowing. You would be out of your mind to miss this show!" - The Sun

"Jermay is the Devil, pure and simple...he is spookily accurate, which left us wondering whether to applaud or run screaming in terror...anyone interested in mind reading, mysticism or simply a bloody fun bit of theatre should see Sixth Sense right now." - The Void



Gala Show:


We have (again) managed to compose an International Gala show full of interesting surprises.


vlad1 500

Vlad Kryvonogov, Ukraine

Did you ever see a manipulator who is equally dexterous whether manipulating with his hands or his feet? Thought not. It's unique.


gaia2 500

Gaia Elisa Rossi, Italy 

Young creative magician, with FISM World Championship of Magic ambitions, performs her unique alien themed act.


chris torrente 1 500

Chris Torrente, France

FISM WCM 2015 prize winner in Comedy Magic. Good magic. Crazy. Unique.


Read more: http://www.vladimirvolkoff.com/




Leif Olberius, Sweden

Comedy, art and sleight of hand in a unique combination.


nestorhato500 2

Nestor Hato, France

FISM European Champion of Magic 2017 in Manipulation. A stunning and skilled act full of wonderful unique surprises.



 Manolo Costa & Mindanguillo, Spanien

 Prize winners of FISM European Championships of Magic 2017 in Comedy Magic. Comedy Magic blended with clowning and drama leaving the audience stunned with a unique and strong final message.





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